Magus Orbis

Sometime around 2008, I came up with an idea for an animated show about some kids playing Dungeons & Dragons... or some kind of tabletop RPG like it.  The idea was that it would bounce back and forth between the kids sitting around the table and the fantasy world of their collective imagination.

After doing a ton of work on it, nothing really came of it.  I had partnered with a couple of guys that I had worked with, Jon Schnepp and Chris Prynoski, making them part owners of the intellectual property.  The hope was that Jon would co-write & co-direct the show if it went into production and that Chris would contribute in a producer capacity: promoting the project, arranging meetings with people who might finance it... that sort of thing.

For one reason or another, interest in the project waned and we never did manage to even pitch the show to a single network.  It's a pity but I learned some valuable lessons from the experience.

Here is the promotional book for Magus Orbis, the animated show that never was.  The writing and most of the drawings are by me.  Some of the more strange and hilarious drawings are by Rob Sato.  Most of the characters in color were digitally painted by Annette Huckle and all of the backgrounds were made by Kyohei Takayama.  Enjoy!

Floaty helm & meatball creatures by Rob Sato.

This is what my parents' basement looked like, back in the day. 
The poster on the wall is a detail from a painting by Rob Sato.

All these weirdos are by Rob Sato.

6-legged pompom hair critter, hunched vertical mouth guy, charging worm & riders, and saluting big ears guy are by Rob Sato.

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